Digitizing and automating GDPR

GDPRfolder makes the GDPR accessible to SMEs. Unlike expensive and time consuming lawyers and consultants, GDPRfolder allows companies to audit their GDPR risk autonomously, improve and demonstrate their GDPR compliance and follow the evolving best practices to comply with the regulation.

Decision making automation

GDPRfolder — Domains

Making a decision is a frequent problem, but what if we could build a “smart” application that makes decisions for you?

One of the key aspect of GDPR is to ensure you make the right decision to protect private data properly. GDPR is complex because of the multitude of cases, conditions, local implementations and “grey zones”. To help the user handle that complexity, we built a pretty complex algorithm to make the right decision for the user. As a result, the application includes:

Such decision making algorithms have a huge potential to reduce the cost of expertise and make decisions faster.

Technologies: Elixir (especially for pattern matching)

Automated document writing

GDPRfolder — Generated PDF

What if you could write your next contract automatically?

To help the user prove GDPR compliance, we implemented an automated redaction engine. The purpose of this engine is to:

Compared to traditional lawyers price and delivery time, our automated document writing algorithm delivers 50 pages of legal documents in PDF in under 3 seconds.

Technologies: Elixir (writing algorithmic), LaTeX (PDF rendering), Amazon S3 (PDF storage)

Handling large amount of multilingual text efficiently

Translating every bit of text can rapidly become time consuming. And can you wait for the last French translation to release your super urgent set of new features?

GDPRfolder — Gettext

We needed to find a way to manage efficiently the translations in French, Dutch and English… Especially, legal texts are huge and there is no room for approximative translation. So we developed a system to facilitate translation with Phrase that:

Integrating with Phrase increased our speed drastically and saved us days of work. It also reduced the chance of human error on a complex corpus.

Technologies: Gettext (internationalization and localization system), Phrase (software translation management)

Online payment system with various business models

GDPRfolder — Subscription

Online payment is not a new thing, but choosing the right tool can be cost effective and can speed up improvements.

The project requires various business models like direct subscription or subscription through a reseller taking a fee. The team also wanted to be informed to follow up on sales. So we implemented:

This solution is a full-fledged online payment system and outsources the cost of financial security for a sufficiently small fee.

Technologies: Stripe (online payment processing), Slack integration (messaging for teams)

Embed badge for client websites

GDPRfolder — Badge

Allowing users to embed a badge on their website is a great tool to communicate about your service.

The certification badge has been implemented so that clients can display the level of GDPR compliance they have on GDPRfolder. All they need to do is copy-paste the code on their website and our server will respond with the badge corresponding to their level.

Technology: HTML iFrame